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Tommie Frazier – Best DB Ever Faced?

Another question answered by the legendary Husker QB on Twitter:   TouchdownTommie Tommie Frazier @Harry_Husker Terrell Buckley Aug 18, 12:38 PM via web   In reply to…   Harry_Husker Harry Husker @TouchdownTommie Who was the best cornerback or safety you faced in your career? Aug 16, 11:52 PM via web

Tommie Frazier Favorite Coach – via Twitter

Tommie Frazier recently joined Twitter and I was able to get a quick question in. Here was the conversation: @TouchdownTommieTommie Frazier To give me a break from packing today send me your #Huskerquestions…I’ll answer as many as possible @Harry_HuskerHarry Husker @TouchdownTommie What non- NU coach do you have highest regard for? @TouchdownTommieTommie Frazier @Harry_Husker That’s easy … Bobbie […]

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