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CBSSports Tribute to Nebraska Football has a nice tribute to Husker Football:

Husker Basketball Highlights Big 8 – Big 12

This is a good compilation video of the Husker Basketball history. One suggestion, you may want to go low volume with this as the soundtrack is quite lame.

Inxs: By My Side


Bart Giamatti Poem

“The Green Fields of the Mind,” written and recited by Bart Giamatti, former MLB Commissioner.

Old CNN Profile on Darin Erstad

Darin Erstad, former Husker great in both baseball and football, was profiled by CNN shortly after he was drafted. Here’s the video:

Tommie Frazier Favorite Coach – via Twitter

Tommie Frazier recently joined Twitter and I was able to get a quick question in. Here was the conversation:

Tommie Frazier

@TouchdownTommieTommie Frazier
To give me a break from packing today send me your #Huskerquestions…I’ll answer as many as possible

Harry Husker

@Harry_HuskerHarry Husker
@TouchdownTommie What non- NU coach do you have highest regard for?

Tommie Frazier

@TouchdownTommieTommie Frazier
@Harry_Husker That’s easy … Bobbie Bowden

So there you have it and it would be hard to disagree with him. Coach Bowden remains a favorite to many Husker fans despite being a rival. The mutual respect between the two programs was very evident.

Calvin Jones Highlights v. Colorado, 1992

Calvin Jones, one of Nebraska’s most underrated backs of all-time.

Turner Gill 1983 Run Against Oklahoma

Turner Gill’s 1983 run against Oklahoma…one for the ages. Good luck in the Big 12 Turner Gill, hope you win it every year. Stomp those Longhorns.

TD Tommie